96 When something bad happens ...
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      1. 棋牌赚钱是真的吗

        Dear Wine Lover

        Are you superstitious?  As a child, my Mum always told me that bad luck strikes only up to three times.  So growing up, I count to 3 for all things good and bad.  I associate the number 3 as a symbol of stability and well-being; like in a triangle and the Holy Trinity. 

        If lousy luck turns up, I know that this won't last.  When blessed with good things, I thank God for His faithfulness and kindness.  I'm grateful for His mercy on me, as I am a very tiny unimportant component sharing the space on earth. 

        I was struck with bad luck at the beginning of the year – the two leases at Boardwalk and Dempsey cannot be renewed.  Gosh, it is a blessing that I cannot remember much of these sufferings!

        The good news is … we have found an alternative spot and are relocating to Block 8, Dempsey Road.  This new concept is named "Ling Ling by The Wine Company."  Why Ling Ling?  Because it is named after two of my favourite persons - my sister, May Lin and my neighbour's daughter, Fong Ling.  And personally, I am a firm believer of the "Ling Ling 40 hours" mantra (spend 40 hours practice in a 24-hour day to succeed), which is a figure of speech to spur us on to do better.

        Sometimes bad things happen, so that good things can take place.

        For now, I pray for good health so that I can continue to steer the ship ahead together with the comradeship of my team. 

        I hope you like Ling Ling.

        Introducing ...
        Ling Ling by The Wine Company

        At Ling Ling, we continue to offer food that moves our soul (and stomachs).  We have lined up familiar goodies such as Cantonese Porridge, Red Bean Soup and Salted Mustard Duck Soup.  What’s new: our cosy corner of cheese and charcuterie selection; plus another area serving up “teh” and”kopi” the old fashioned way (yes, the socks style)! 

        And, yes - we are still wine-centric!

        Open till Late!

        We heard you.

        Ling-Ling is open until 3 am on Fridays and eve of Public Holidays!  And on other days, we are open until late.
        "Give Back" Vouchers

        Ling Ling will be open from 7 November, and we want you to be a part of how we grow!

        During November month, we are issuing S$5 voucher with every S$50 spent - a token of our appreciation for feedback and advice on how you think we can do better.  We also want to thank you for your time during the period when we are fine-tunning.

        Best Opening Gifts

        Our humble request: Please do not send us flowers for our opening.

        Once we have worked out the kinks in our operational flow, we promise a proper opening party.

        Instead of congratulatory flowers, we will prefer you buy our vouchers, so we can see you (or your friends) at Ling Ling again soon! 

        Our last Hurrah ...

        If you’ll like to hop by the other outlets to say bye, here are the dates you need to pencil in:

        The Wine Company @ Sentosa Boardwalk lease runs out on 27 Jan 2020.
        The Wine Company @ Dempsey lease runs out on 14 Mar 2020.
        Woods by The Wine Company lease runs out on 14 Mar 2020.

        Those were the years - check us up on instagram.

        If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve The Wine Company experience, just write to me at belinda@thewinecompany.com.sg
        in wine we bond ...
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